Arborist Consultation

A Tree Company is only as good as it’s lead Arborist, becoming certified is only the beginning. A career in Arboriculture begins with the Arborist certification and being certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). It’s what happens after certification, the experience, training, and education is what turns a certified Arborist into a great Arborist. Atlanta Arbor makes it our goal to keep our Arborist’s as up to date as we can to be able to give the very best service to our customers.

Georgia Arborist Consultation & Perservation

Georgia Arborist Consultation & Perservation

Our estimator/consultants are either certified arborists or trained in the profession of Arboriculture, so the details of tree science and tree work can be explained to you when you receive your estimate. The average client isn’t expected to be versed in all of the specifics and knowledge about trees, that’s what we’re here for. Often people are surprised when they call us to have a tree they thought needed to be removed can be saved, or when they learn exactly what kind of trimming their trees need and why. Your representative is going to be able to provide you with this valuable advice that is not just useful in helping you make good, balanced decisions, it’s educational, too!

Some examples about tree knowledge, did you know that trees shaded surfaces can be 20–45°F (11–25°C) cooler than surfaces in direct sun, helping homeowners reduce summer cooling costs. So strong healthy tree next to the home are actually a good thing. Or that trees, like almost all living organisms fight off diseases and attacks by bugs and bacteria? Also unlike humans, trees never “heal” an infected part of themselves, they just wall off their sick parts and grow around them, effectively “sweeping their problems under the rug”! A rotten spot in a tree is not alway detrimental to the tree; a healthy tree will compartmentalize the rotten area with special protective layers of cells and just keep adding layers of wood around it.

Our arborists and representatives are excited and passionate about their job and saving trees whenever possible. At Atlanta Arbor we push the science and facts about trees, because Arborists should be excited and passionate about saving trees whenever that is a possibility. Making good decisions about trees isn’t easy. That’s why at Atlanta Arbor we emphasize education and science. Our certified arborists have the training and experience to explain how and more importantly, why a certain type of work is recommended.
A skilled Arborist will know what can reasonably be done to save a sick tree. There are many weapons in our arsenal to combat disease and restore a tree to good health.

We are specialists at analyzing unhealthy or declining trees or helping to save trees with structural problems or that pose a hazard to houses. The following is a list of the top reasons for a trees decline or stress, and the results occurring from the various stresses.

Top reasons for Tree Stress (in order of occurrence frequency)

  1. Watering too little or too much
  2. Crowding from other trees, greenery, physical structures
  3. Incorrect planting
  4. Mechanical injury below ground, and above
  5. Soil problems
  6. Improper pruning

Top Results of Tree Stress

  1. Poor health, poor appearance
  2. Insects
  3. Fungal infections
  4. Bacterial infections