Alpharetta Tree Ordinance

Alpharetta Tree Ordinance – Within the City Limits

Permit Required: YES

A Tree Removal Permit Application MUST be submitted to the City of Alpharetta prior to the removal of any tree (DEAD or ALIVE) from any property within the City limits. For more information please see the information below.

All trees to be removed must be accurately measured using DBH (Diameter at Breast Height = 4.5’ above ground plane) or circumference at same height. Size estimates are not acceptable.

Permit requirements for Specimen trees:

Understory (i.e. dogwoods) >or=8″,
Overstory (i.e. Oak, Hickory, Etc.) >or=24″,
Pines >or= 30″ DBH


All permits must be submitted and obtained prior to removal.  The permit MUST be obtained and DISPLAYED during removal.  Please click here to fill out the City of Alpharetta Tree Removal permit.

Commercial property
Removal of trees within common areas of residential neighborhoods such as clubhouses, tennis courts, pools, neighborhood entrances, etc will be treated as commercial properties.

In most cases trees that are removed will need to be replaced on site to comply with zoning requirements as well as maintain the minimum density requirement for commercial properties at 20 units per acre.

Special Circumstances:

Storm Damage
In the event of a severe storm that causes trees to topple or break the City of Alpharetta will not require a tree removal permit for the removal of these trees.. HOWEVER, documentation of the storm damaged trees must be submitted. Please provide photographs of all the damaged trees to be removed and email them along with your address and any other pertinent information to

If you do not have access to email please take photographs for your records and call (678) 297-6229 to let the City know that you are removing storm damaged trees. You will not need to submit a tree removal permit application and you will not receive any official notification of permission from the City of Alpharetta. Removal of trees without providing the required documentation of the storm damaged tree or trees may result in a violation of the tree protection ordinance.

Emergency Removal
Emergency tree removals will be handled on a case by case basis.

During normal business hours call the City Arborist at (678) 297-6229 prior to any emergency removals.

If an emergency removal must occur during non-business hours provide the City Arborist with a voice message, fax, or email as soon as possible.

Take pictures to document the removal and submit a completed application and any supporting documentation by the next business day.

Contact Information: (678) 297-6229 or

All other non-storm damaged trees WILL require a tree removal permit through the normal process.

Fee: none



Phone & Fax:

678-297-6229 (p)
678-297-6071 (fax)