Doraville Tree Ordinance

Doraville Tree Ordinance – Within the City Limits

The Doraville Tree Protection Ordinance: Trees are recognized for their importance because they provide shading and cooling, improve stormwater quality, reduce noise, wind, stormwater runoff and soil erosion, provide for wildlife refuge, produce oxygen, filter dust, absorb carbon dioxide, and enhance the aesthetics and economics of all real property. Their contribution to the general well being and quality of life for the citizens of Doraville, as well as the region of metropolitan Atlanta is recognized and valued. Therefore, the City of Doraville deems it necessary and desirable in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare to enact an Ordinance for the conservation, planting and replacement of Trees and to prevent the indiscriminate removal of trees and reduction of canopy cover within the City of Doraville.

Permit Required: YES

Specimen Trees:

Any tree in fair or better condition, which qualifies for special consideration for preservation due to size, species, or condition, and which meets the following:

  • 24″ dbh—Large hardwoods such as oaks, hickories, yellow poplars, sweet gums, etc.
  • 30″ dbh—Large softwoods such as pines, deodar cedars, etc.
  • 4″ dbh—Shall trees such as dogwoods, redbuds, sourwoods, etc.


  1. Upon completing the application, the applicant shall be assigned a permit having a designated permit number which shall be displayed at the location.
  2. Tree Service Contractors, which shall include anyone performing the work that is not the owner or occupier of the property, at the time of filing shall present a copy of a valid, current Occupational Tax License from the State of Georgia and a copy of valid, current liability insurance.
  3. After the trees and limbs have been cut or trimmed, they shall be removed from the subject premises by applicant. The applicant shall then inform the City Clerk. After the location has been inspected by the City Arborist and it is shown that the trees, shrubs, limbs and all debris have been collected and removed from the premises, the permit shall be signed by the City Arborist indicating all work has been completed. Failure of the applicant to remove the limbs, trunks and debris from the premises, or the failure of the applicant to receive the signature of the City Arborist, shall subject the applicant to the punishment as set out herein.
  4. This section shall not be used to acquire a permit to remove trees with the intent to develop the property. It shall be evidence of such intent if the owner or occupier of the property applies for a land disturbance permit for those sections of the property where any trees were removed pursuant to the permit requirements in this section wtihin fifteen (15) months of the trees being removed.

Fee: $25


Steven Strickland
City of Doraville Arborist, Stormwater Official, and GIS Coordinator


770-451-8745 ext. 226